Monday, August 13, 2012

‎34 Chowringhee Lane

Suggested by Karan Salhotra
‎"34 Chowringhee Lane"

the place for most authentic rolls. Be it chicken roll or egg roll u r gonna love it..though the price is slightly more than the other roll vendors on the roadside..but if u pay more..u r gonna eat and then would feel it was worth it...chicken rolls are avaliable at 45 rs.egg roll at 25 has veg and paneer rolls all u vegetarians need not worry

i had double chicken roll woth 80 satya niketan..and i loved also has franchises at tdi mall,rajouri garden and district center and at lajpat nagar iv(amar colony)and at sec-8 rohini..

So all u foodies head to these joints and enjoy the most "AUTHENTIC ROLLS" in whole delhi — at Satya Niketan, New Delhi

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